Signature 10 Step Hair Growth Treatment

Intensive Hair Growth Treatment

This Hair Growth Treatment is a combination of treatment steps which can solve your hair loss problem from scalp deep down to hair follicles.

It helps to repair scalp and nutrition to let baby hair grow in order to increase hair volume. It assist in stimulating blood circulation, combat free radicals and promote hair regrowth.This treatment effectively helps to combat different types of hair problems such as hair loss and scalp problems.

Here Are The 10 Steps Of Hair Growth Treatment

1: Hair Analysis & Specialist Consultation
2: Scalp Awakening
3: Scalp Detox & Micronutrients Infusion
4: Micromist Scalp & Hair Moisturizing
5: Scalp & Hair Correction
6: Oxygenation & Scalp Protection Essence Infusion
7: Scalp & Hair Reassessment
8: Hair Awakening
9: Low Level Laser Therapy
10: Hair Collection for Analysis

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