Dr CYJ Hairline Filler

What Is Hairline Filler

Damaged scalp may have negative impact on hair and hair follicles. Dr. CYJ Hair Filler is a treatment to treat damaged scalp. It can be injected into dermis layer at the site of the damaged scalp in need of implantation for the treatment of subcutaneous tissue. It help to strengthen healthy hair follicles depends on maintaining proper blood flow and promote hair growth.

Who Is Suitable For Hair Filler Treatment

This treatment is suitable for individuals with a damaged scalp, which can be caused by factors such as:

Braiding: Causes too much tension on your hair follicles which can irritate the scalp and sometimes even causes hair loss.

Hair dyes: Hair dyes can remove your hair’s natural moisture which can dry out your scalp.

Aging: Slow production of collagen and elastin in the scalp which can lead to a thinner scalp with less elasticity

UV light: Excessive exposure to UV rays (sunlight) can develop redness, flaky patches & rough textures on the scalp

External and internal stress: An increase in stress can make your scalp produce more oil and disrupt the balance which leads to flaking and itching.

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