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Tackle Your Hair Loss & Scalp Problem With The Right Solution

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Feathair Hair Growth Specialist?

We offer a range of scientific solutions with result effective for all types of hair loss and scalp problems.

Where Feathair's formula, ingredient and product come from?

ll products and formulas are from Italy. Completely free from PARABENS/COLORANTS. With certified natural fragrances. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, PROFESSIONAL USE.

What are the services/treatments did Feathair provide?

We specialises in multiple hair growth solutions and scalp/hair care including treatment, injection, transplant and so on.

What are the packages do Feathair offer after first trial?

We will need to analyse your scalp problem to suggest the best and suitable treatment plan. We focus on customization, only provide what you need in order to solve the scalp issue.

How many months I can see the result for hair growth?

3 to 6 months, depend on the seriousness of hair fall.

Any guarantee?

We have many real testimonials show that we completely treat our clients hair loss and scalp problems. If you follow the advice from our specialist, it will definitely be effective.

How do I make an appointment?

You may fill up the form or whatsapp/call to the nearest branches.

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