Causes Of Oily Hair & Scalp

The scalp secretes natural oils so everyone’s scalp can get oily sometimes. Some oil (or sebum) is natural and healthy and protects and supports healthy hair but an overproduction of oil can be problematic especially if your hair feels greasy, dirty, and weighed down all the time. In some cases, overly greasy hair can, along with other symptoms, also indicate a skin disorder.

Oily scalp can make your hair feels greasy and dirty as well even if you have just shampooed your hair. If untreated, an oily scalp can also cause dandruff and scalp acne, or worst case the sebum glands clog the hair roots and cause hair loss problems. Four common causes of an oily scalp may be seborrheic dermatitis, skin conditions, forehead acne, or genetics.

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