Hair Stem Cell

Cytokines Hairstem treatment, an innovative approach to address hair loss probelms. It combine three important components: cytokines, peptides and stem cells. Hairstem hair restoration aims to stimulate the growth of natural hair using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) cultivate allogenic Wharton jelly derived mesenchymal stem cell extract.

This treatment offers the potential for long-lasting hair restoration results and holds promise for natural looking fullness to your hairline. 60% regenerate natural hair follicles; 70% increase hair density

Who are the ideal candidate for hairstem treatment?
Both men and women can undergo this treatment to imporve hair thickness and density. Hairstem hair restoration is favourable for patients who still got hair follicle on the scalp; patients who are completely bald may not be the suitable candiates for this procedure.

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