Scalp & DANDRUFF Treatment

About Scalp Treatment

Going for a scalp treatment can aid to detoxify your oily scalp, by removing grime, excess oil, dead skin cells and product buildup. It helps in cleaning up impurities on scalp such as dandruff, oil particles, and also scalp soothing. This treatment is to prevent scalp pores from clogging and solve dandruff and oil seed problems effectively.

What Is Included In The Scalp Treatment?

Treatment included specialist consultation & scalp analysis, and use products such as peeling & scrub, nutri mask, hydrating essence and Low Level Laser Therapy.

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Frequently asked questions

What is oily dandruff and does it affect our scalp?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition that can be distinctive flakes and scales on the scalp that comes in two forms which is dry dandruff and oily dandruff. Dry dandruff occurs when dry, white and loose or scales form on your scalp and fall from your head and hair. Oily dandruff occurs when oily and yellow flakes or scales form on the scalp and stick to the head and hair. Other symptoms can include itching, redness and an oily or dry scalp.

Having dandruff on the scalp leaves the scalp to be inflamed and itchy which can cause white flakes dusted across the hair. Oily dandruff is linked to an oily scalp. This happens when your scalp produces too much sebum, its natural oil. The excess oil creates an environment where a fungus can thrive, leading to flaking and irritation.

What is oily scalp?

An oily scalp occurs when your scalp produces excess sebum, a natural oil essential for maintaining healthy scalp and skin. However, overproduction of sebum can lead to greasy hair and dandruff.

Indicators of an oily scalp are apparent, such as needing to wash your hair daily due to it quickly becoming greasy. Additionally, the buildup of dead skin cells can make your scalp feel itchy. If you go a few days without washing your hair, the accumulated oils can result in an unpleasant odor and cause your hair to appear flat and weighed down.

Does oily scalp causes hair loss?

When your scalp produces excess oil, it clogs the pores, disrupting the scalp’s natural balance. This excess oil, meant to protect the scalp, instead attracts dirt and germs. Clogged pores prevent new hair from growing.

The overproduction of oil weakens the hair follicle, the base of the hair strand. This leads to hardening at the roots and micro-inflammations at the follicle, reducing its grip on the scalp. In this weakened state, hair strands fall out causing hair loss, and new hair strands struggle to take root.

How to treat dandruff?

Effective scalp treatment and dandruff therapy can help manage these issues. Consult with our hair growth specialists to have a personalized scalp and dandruff treatment. Our hair growth specialists will guide you through a consultation to figure out the cause of your oily scalp and dandruff and plan out a comprehensive scalp and dandruff therapy plan for you.

Addressing oily scalp and providing dandruff therapy can restore balance and promote healthier hair growth.

Where to go for Scalp/Dandruff Treatment?

Currently, this scalp and dandruff treatment is available at all Feathair branch which are in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor at Feathair Mid Valley, Feathair Bangsar, Feathair Puchong and in Penang at Feathair Kelawai. Find the nearest Feathair branch for scalp and dandruff treatment and contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.

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