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Thank you so much Feathair for the good n superb treatment. This was the best hair treatment that I had done. After a few treatments, I can see a lot of different from my hair. The volumes and hair are more thick and healthy. Thank you so much again to the staff that always suggested to me a good product from the shop. I’m very happy and satisfied with the service.

Abdul Syukur Ahmad

I have been suffering from bad dandruff for nearly three months. I have tried many products and it is still the same. Thank you ivy for helping me solve my problem. After doing the scalp treatment recommended by her, it really cleans a lot and it also helped me solve this problem. I am very satisfied with the effect and service

ML Loh

原本是试试看的心态来到这里, 因为头发掉发实在太严重了去了好多间非常出名的护发中心花了好多好多钱都没有办法解决我的掉发问题 !可是来到这里顾问真的很细心跟我说为什么我会掉发也很细心的帮我做护理 建议我打针 结果效果真的很好!真的很满意!让我原本失去的信心也找回来了!非常感谢这里的顾问!她们真的非常细心!

Xiao Yun

I’m 38 years old and suffering from hair loss.. after 3 months of treatment at Feathair Bangsar I found many positive developments, my hair is getting thicker and the loss is very mininal. I’m statisfied with the service.

Mohammad Hakim

I switched to Feathair for treatment, for more affordable cost. I’ve been here since 2019 and I’m very satisfied with the result. My hair shows great improvement after some times, following their tips and advices. For those who seek results with good budget, I recommend this place – look for Ms Charmaine. Good products too!

Annie Ezekiel

I am hair loss patient since 2016. I saw an advertisement in my instagram and I decided to give myself a chance to try for it. The consultant (Miss Angel) was very nice and the entire consultation and the first trial session was comfortable. So, my journey in Feathair is started in January 2022 until now. I have showing the effective results after receiving the hair treatment at Feathair. My hair has grown a lot and increased the hair volume. Thanks Feathair!

Danny Kuan

Through my consultant Angel, my hair and scalp health has seen visible improvements within 3 months. It started out as a treatment to a serious dandruff condition and later moved to hair growth treatment after my scalp condition has improved. Will need to invest some money on this depending on your hair/scalp condition but highly recommend to anyone who is facing similar problems as it promises results. Their products are also a great help in maintenance but also need your own discipline to continue with taking care of your hair and scalp.

Jing Ye Gan

I trusted the reviews and went for an appointment. Really friendly employees (even sent a reminder for your appointment a day before). Now my scalp is less itchy and my dandruff is minimal (don’t have to worry for it to drop on my shoulders). The cost was also something I worried (since I’m a student) but my consultant was nice enough to give me options *cries in happiness*. It was still a lot to pay but I was ready to invest in something that could solve my scalp issues. Would happily recommend this place. I’m already 2 months (?) in and there are obvious changes. My consultant was also patient enough to answer my questions and help me through taking better care of my hair. Thank you FEATHAIR!

Gaille Stanley

I’ve been facing hair loss for pass few years, and I been to multiple hair growth centre but all failed me. All of them was selling treatment instead of healing my hair. And it cost me more than 5 figure for all of these useless treatment. But Feathair was different, they focus on healing my hair. They not only healing, they show me the reason of my hair loss as well. My hair started to grow back after their healing progress. It only took me 3 months the see the effects. Glad that I give another shot for Feathair. Most important is there’s no hidden charges, no hidden extra treatment to purchase. They will show you what package is suit to you, and what’s the price. For those who facing hair loss, I strongly suggest you to have a try on here.

David Wong

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